Sea Star started doing business in 1983 from an 800 sq.ft. processing facility located on the same property that today’s plant and office is on.

It was started by Adlai and Fenton Cunningham, both of whom were ground fishing at the time. It’s only business for the first six months was to buy fish from the fishing vessel owned by Fenton and pack them whole for export into the United States.

In June of 1984 fresh fish filleting began with the majority of the fillets being sold to a freezing factory nearby. In 1986 came its first expansion, and also the first experience with salted fish. Fresh fish from local inshore vessels were split, salted, and sold to wet buyers for the Portuguese market. By 1987 filleting was ended to concentrate solely on the salt fish business. Dryers were installed, to dry fish for North American and Caribbean markets. From that point on small expansions occurred almost every year. In 1994, an adjacent salt fish processing plant was purchased that doubled Sea Star’s capacity. Expansions have occurred since then, including a new cooler completed in June 1999.