138Riley Smith Photographer_MG_0425 144Riley Smith Photographer_MG_0428Stockfish, also referred to as stoccafisso in most Italian dialects, has a shelf life of several years as approximately 80% of the moisture is removed from the fish. The fish maintains all of the nutrients it had in the fresh form only now they are more concentrated; making it rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and calcium. Stockfish is popular in the Italian and African neighborhoods throughout North America. We offer whole stockfish as well as bone in and boneless bits.

Bulk Packages:

Stockfish Whole (Bale) 99.2 lbs (45kg)

Retail Packages:

Boneless Stockfish Bits (Bags) 18 x 8 oz. (340 g)
Bone In Stockfish Bits (Bags) 18 x 12 oz. or 10 oz. (340 g or 283 g)
Stockfish Steaks (Bags) 18 x 12 oz. (340 g)

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